A quick Fly by

Hi All. Wanted to give a quick update on our lives. First off. Thanks all for the birthday wishes. Feeling 40 and fabulous these days. Our oldest Alex just finished filming a "Mr. Sub" commercial that will be going to air in Sept. Pretty excited about that. He's been getting called in for bigger and better roles lately. A couple of films, and series. Hasn't booked any of them but he's feeling good about his auditions. The young ones are just back from a trip up north. Cass played with kangaroos and was riding horses all week up at my brothers farm, and Liam spent his time catching fish at the cottage. To hear him speak he got the "world record" for sizes of fish caught. They both had fun. Cam is still at the cottage and enjoying his time alone with his grandparents and their many guest at the B & B. Life is carrying on as normal. A big uptick in auditions lately so hopefully for them it means the business is picking up. I'm getting used to fluttering downtown again on a regular basis after the year long drought of auditions. Still feeling great. Looking at going back to school to either upgrade my degree or do a complete flip of career goals. Not sure. After being home the better part of 20 years it's a big decision but we'll see where the cards fall. That's it!!
Hi Everyone.  Stay at home mom to 4 very creative kids.  I love to renovate, bake, and make the most out of life.  You can follow my adventures here.  I have a recipe blog at  www.feedingtheravenoushorde.blogspot.com  and life as a stage mom as well as life in general at www.creativekidscakeslife.blogspot.com
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