Al's Mr. Sub commercial was pulled due to it's "offensive" overtone

UGH!!!  Apparantly people have complained to Mr. Sub about the commercial in the post below.  It would be interesting to see if the complaints came from Canada where it was to air, or south of the border.  No offense to my friends here but Americans get offended about everything.

Adverts in the US are so sacchrine it's creepy.  Mr. Sub is busy removing the commercial from it's official ad sites.  It's gone viral now (which was the intent) so I'm not sure how they plan on pulling it from every corner of the interweb.   I googled and it's all over the place.   I have no idea how this affects the lad's pay.  I'll have to call the union today to figure that out.

The way I see it...We in Canada tend to be self depreciating.  It comes out in our sense of humour and we are always laughing at ourselves.   I honestly don't see the big deal of this ad.  Is it base?  Yes, but that was sort of the point.  The other ads in the series (grooms dad making out with the bride, freaky fetish husband getting whacked on the head from wife) are also tasteless but again, that was the point.

I dunno.  One side of me is disappointed, the other side of me is laughing my ass off that he can now claim he was "banned".  Nothing like controversy to increase awareness of an ad, and that has certainly succeeded.
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