And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to my house (on Halloween). Swine flue, the pumpkin and the kids

How's that for a long title!! It's been a rough week here in Marnieland. Little guy has contracted H1N1. Beginning of the week it was unclear whether it was seasonal flu or the "other". By this morning it's pretty clear which one he has. This thing is NASTY. normal to 105 fever in 3 hours. Going on day 5 of fever less a 24 hour stint of lower temp (102). Had him in the ER this morning to make sure his lungs were clear still. They are still clear. If his breathing changes or his fever is still there on Monday we are to bring him back or to our family doc. We had a halloween party planned. The two younger ones were going to have their classmates over for a creepy cupcake and scary movie party. I had it all planned. Creepy cupcakes, a Cauldron cake all made in my head. I was going to get the kids to decorate the cupcakes and some halloween crafts. Cancelled!! The kids were disappointed but understanding. Obviously the little guy could not go out tonight for Halloween so his big brother and sister collected on his behalf...yup...quite the haul. I managed to get a pumpkin carved through all of this today. Cassy picked out the design. Here are pics of my little bumble bee, my zombie, (no pick of the little guy or the oldest who is at his first "late night" party...he is to be home by 1:30 am or I will kick his ass.)

The Pumpkin

The Bumble Bee 

The Zombie

The Haul

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