At long Last...The Basement Project Completion

I'll do this quickly as I must run out to get cake ingredients for the Purse cake extrodinairre about to be created.

So the basement took a long time.  My health and Steve's work schedule didn't help the situation but we got "most" of it complete.  We still need to finish the bathroom but we are getting there. 

Here ya go....
The main home theatre living area

The kids computer nook under the stairs on the same wall as the tele

The "games" table, play area.  Beside this is the gym, and the door to the left leads to the laundry room, the double sliding doors leads to the kids toy and games closet.  (and it has stayed organized!!!)

Another view

Behind the sofa is our home gym.  There is a bowflex, treadmill, and now a lifecycle has been added into the mix.

The hallway leading to Alex's new bedroom (on the right) and our new storage closets/pantry at the end of the hall.  I found a bunch of the kids old artwork, handprints, and such framed them up and they lead down the hallway now.  It looks really good.

Storage at bottom of stairs

I'll have to snap some pics of the lad's bedroom. (He'll have to clean it first!!  LOL)  I realized I only have "mostly finished" pics from in there.  It's nice though. He chose two blue colours to paint.  The bathroom is off his room as well as the laundry room.  He is quite content down in his little hovel.

My new laundry room. 

and then after I tiled!

More storage across from the washer dryer.  Freezer back there, furnace, HWT, and more shelving.

So...after many many months.  I will never agree to do this again unless we hire someone to mud and tape.  WORST JOB EVER.  Alex and  I were ready to chuck it all at one point.  We both did that lovely job.  I did all the electrical (and I exceeded code!! woot), Steve did all the plumbing in the laundry but we hired a plumber to break up the concrete to rough in the bathroom stuff.  Steve and Alex did all the framing, and put up the drywall (I helped with that too).  Everyone pitched in with demo!!  LOL.

It was a long journey.  We learned ALOT, and it was all worth it.   What was quoted as a $35-40 K job cost us about $15K with furniture!!!

Taking a break from renovating this summer though.  We've decided that GOLF shall be our focus, (and of course finishing the damned bathroom)

I'll snag some pics of the lad's room later, but it's quite nice, BIG.  It's the size of our dining room pictured here, less the fireplace. (Happy Christmas all. That was 2008)
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