Double the excitement

Whilst some of you know, many do not, I temporarily lived in England before my oldest was born.  I had visited several times in my teens as well.  Everytime I step off the plane in London I feel like I'm home.   I feel so connected to Wales courtesy of stories from my beloved Grandfather of his youth.  

One of my most favorite things in the world is teatime.  Wafer thin cucumber sandwiches, tea and scones with cream and jam.  Oh be still my heart.

The last time I had a traditional tea time snack was one evening staying at the Four Seasons hotel.  I pampered myself, ordered traditional teatime fair, and a fabulous bottle of french wine.  I indulged in the luxury of the room and savoured the flavours of my memories.   I have yet to have found imported devon cream anywhere except one shop very very far away.

Saturday????  I FOUND IT!!!  Our local grocer has started to import it.  Bless his heart.  Here I was calculating how much I could save if I bought no name vs brand name, penny pinching my normal modus operandi in the grocery store and there it was!!!!  SCREW the budget...I was getting my real, Devon Double Cream....:heart:   I have been making "mock" devon cream for several years just doesn't compare.

Today I made some scrumptous buttermilk scones, put a little dollop of cream on and some strawberry jam.  I went out to my backyard in the shining sun and pretended I was in my favorite park in Bath and just enjoyed both the flavours and the memories as they came through me.  Silly sometimes what makes us feel good.  It's been 6 years since I've been back to England and am now yearning to return.  The boys want to return, and Cassy and Liam have never been.  I think it's time to start checking how many airline points we have and what we need to plan a big family jaunt back to England.  I'm aching to see my family there, and I want to bring the kids to Oxford this time, show them where I lived, went to school etc.

Add to the excitement today....and this is rather sad but still valid.  My husband has to travel to Dallas for a few days.  I'm almost giddy.  It's been nearly 3 years since he switched jobs and went from travelling full time to being home all the time.  While I hated him travelling all the time I'm a little giddy here that he's going away for a few days.  Bad I know but hey....the kids and I are already planning our favorite "daddy hates" foods so we can eat away,  be goofballs, and play mariokart together!! 

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