HELLO Everyone!!! Guess where I have been??

Discovering some new aspects to this crazy life of mine.  This place has certainly gone through some changes!!!  I'm going to have to refamiliarize myself with it all now.

Okay...in a nutshell.  Have been going mental for about a year.  The rental houses have been driving me to an early grave.  $15 000 in repairs later they are back up and running and hopefully going to be put up for sale soon.  I've had enough!!

The Basement is COMPLETE (except for the bathroom...we'll get there).   Completely enjoying the home theatre, workout area, and Alex LOVES his new bedroom.

I have been literally dragging my ass for the last year.  Barely able to get up, let alone accomplish anything.  After searching for a new doctor, and many visits/referrals and such, my health is back on top.  I've been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea!!  Go figure I had no energy.  That stopping breathing thing 42 times an hour may have had something to do with it.  I'm not fond of my new cpap machine but I feel like a million bucks and am BACK!!!

I started a blog, and then remembered HEY...I already have one!!  See what sleep deprivation will do to you????

I'll start importing stuff from over there as soon as I reaquaint myself with the interface here, as this one seems much more intuitive than that nightmare I'm trying to figure out over at godaddy.  blech!!

Hope everyone is well.  Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes last year....talk about walking around in a fog.  I'm back, I'm great, and ready to face the world again.  

The kids are all good.  Growing like weeds and a constant growing concern.  From first girlfriends to driving, it's been quite a year.  They are all still acting, if you can call the dead industry that exists up here an industry anymore, but they are still getting out.

Okay.  Gotta go but I'm going to check out all the new fancy schmancy stuff here.  Way to go Rosemary and Ted!!!
Hi Everyone.  Stay at home mom to 4 very creative kids.  I love to renovate, bake, and make the most out of life.  You can follow my adventures here.  I have a recipe blog at  www.feedingtheravenoushorde.blogspot.com  and life as a stage mom as well as life in general at www.creativekidscakeslife.blogspot.com
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