I shall discuss flatulence for a moment

Intriguing headline right?  Big Grin
So this little cpap adventure of mine has been excellent for my health it has not gone smoothly as silk.  We have had some bumps on the road.  This has been the latest.  I've taken this from my blog.  (Sorry guys, I still need to figure all this out again...I'm going to pull some of my blog posts over so you can see what I've been up to as of late)

Do you know what is particularly awful??

Let me tell you.

I've become accustomed to Steve's foul odiferous gases. There are times I thought I'd roll over and pass out...but I've gotten used to them over the years.

The Man had Chili yesterday at lunch.... brickwall

Now...when one shares a bedroom with a foul smelling farter, one can under normal circumstances smother their face in a pillow temporarily while said odour dissapaits.

Not so much when you are hooked up to machine forcing higher pressure air down your noggin. nono

One would hope that by the time said odour reaches the machine and gets through the air filter, through the compressor and into the humidifier that much of that odour would be gone.

NO....sadly it does not. What happens? You get a full on attack of chili farts pushed into your nasal cavity at full pressure force. Eeker snell

I throw off my mask, run out of the room in disgust, and he's laughing his ass off!! Dutch ovens have NOTHING on a cpap I tell you.

I found a solution though. This little fake candle thing my parents gave me. I turned it on and stuck it by the air filter releasing a soft scent to mask my gross husbands farts all freakin night.

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