Kidlet booked another Role. New series Pics from Set

I'll just post a quickie here today.  Lots of activity the last week here in the Froro world.  Alex our oldest booked another role.  Sweet part of this was NO audition.  Straight booking.

He will be in the opening montage of a new series playing here in Canadaland.  He portrays the teen version of the lead actor during the opening credits.  While not a big part, he had blast filming in greenscreen for the first time.  Was thrown back to the 70's and dressed in polyester heaven.  Complete with baby poo brown cordouroy trousers.

If they happen to need him for flashback scenes during the season they will call him in. 

Our little sweetheart Cassy was put on tape for a lead role casting out of LA so we'll see what happens there (never get our hopes up for those but what the heck, it's good practise and exposure for her). 

Travelled up north on Sunday night, served eviction notices and hearing papers to my tenants who somehow think the 6-12th of the month is the same as the first of the month to pay their rent.  My patience is over.
Drove back home Monday morning with Cam who spent the summer with my parents at the cottage.  Happy to have him home, and happy to have the company on the trip.  Considering I was turning green on the 5 hour drive home from stomach flu. (too bad he's not the one with his learners permit for driving). 

Did manage to get home safe and sound though.  I'm sick, and kind of grumpy but muddling through.  I worked with Cassy on another script that she learned while I was away preparing for a voice over audition today.

It was all I could do to get down there today.  I still feel horrific and the bathroom and I are very well acquainted.  Anyhow.  got there, only to realize that in my feverish state I misread the date.  Her audition isn't until NEXT tuesday.  How stupid could I be.  I ended up commuting two hours for nothing!!  grrr.  No one to blame but myself though sadly.. 

Now that I'm back home my darlin Alex has taken pity on his mother and is making dinner for everyone so I can stay horizontal on the sofa.

For your amusement.  Some shots of Alex on set at CBC Saturday.  (Steve took the little ones up the CN tower while we were at the studio..big fun for them)

deep in thought in his dressing room.  We had a real bathroom and shower and everything.  No portable toilet in a trailer for this one!!  woohoo...must be movin up. LOL
The Lad reading part of the contract

Stayin Alive, Stayin alive

Getting pretty

Cruising along the Treadmill, looking hip, looking cool, boppin his head to the disco beat.

Hair straightened and freckles added.
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