LOADS to update you all on but not alot of time...for the short term.

I have so much to update but time is limited for the next little bit.  In the meantime...hopefully this will tide you over.

I made another cake.  This one is for a parent's day tomorrow down at the actor's union (Canadian equiv of SAG).

Quickly.  We attended Alex's first screening of a movie he did back in March.  The Cello.  It was fabulous!!!  Making it's way around to the film festivals hopefully soon.  It was a hoot seeing my guy on the big screen for the first time.

Cassy has got all new headshots.  I popped a couple up onto my banner in the profile.

Oh..and Alex also just finished shooting a pilot for a new series.  Now we wait to see if it gets picked up and if they keep the original cast.  crossing fingers.

Basement renos still moving, albeit slowly.  Not a lot happening by way of auditions/filming except for Al.  He's our busy one right now.

Had a wonderful family get together for a baptism this past weekend.  It was heartwarming to be around my massive italian clan again.  It's been too long!!
Hi Everyone.  Stay at home mom to 4 very creative kids.  I love to renovate, bake, and make the most out of life.  You can follow my adventures here.  I have a recipe blog at  www.feedingtheravenoushorde.blogspot.com  and life as a stage mom as well as life in general at www.creativekidscakeslife.blogspot.com
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