The Power of the Internet

It's been a busy couple of weeks, so not much time to write.

Mother has been in and out of ICU in the last couple of weeks...She's okay.  The stomach flu has made it's rounds in this house.  Daughter has had pink eye three times now courtesy of parents who continue to send their kids to school with a contagious illness. (Thanks for that all of you).  My handsome teen son has suffered a severe concussion and has been home for a week, in and out of the ER, ct scans, MRI's etc.  He has had a pretty bad time of it, so we continue to monitor him to ensure nothing more nefarious is lurking in the background.  School is being good about the whole thing.  *Updated to add, since this original post on my blog he has now started back to school part time, and is well on the way to recovery.

The amazing internet, and how it has connected lives in ways never imagined when I was growing up.

When I was a child I had a pen pal.  My cousin overseas and I would write letters back and forth from the time we were just young things.  We finally met when we were around 13, and have continued that relationship.  Never in a million years did I think we could write to each other and not wait two weeks for a letter.  

This past week two girlfriends that I have met online and become part of a private message board with gave birth.  The internet brought this rag tag group of people together several years ago now and we broke off from a public board and formed our own little group.  We have shared our lives, triumphs, failures, births, deaths, all of it.  Many of us have become very close with each other as time has gone on and many have met in real life.  It's pretty neat to be able to say...oh, going to be in NY next week, who wants to hook up?  It's even neater that meeting up with one friend from online has created a yearly shopping adventure which includes my young daughter.  This year we were unable to take our annual vacation to Florida but that did not stop the shopping trip.  My virtual girlfriend and my daughter went shopping online together followed by my dear friend physically shopping for my daughter.  All items opened via a webcam to be able to communicate instantly several thousand kilometers away.  How cool is that?

Anyhow...back to the my friends giving birth and the power of today's technology.  It's absolutely incredible that two friends on opposite sides of the continent could share via texting how they were doing throughout labour.  Being able to pass on messages of support from board friends to keep spirits up was incredible.  Even more incredible.  To see pictures of these new beautiful boys within minutes of their birth on my cell phone.  We've come a long way, and I"m touched that I was able to share such intimate moments with friends I've met online.

I would like to mention that this wonderful group of people met on an infopop based board, invaded poor Rosemary and Teds corporate board in their old "off topic" section when the moderator on the orginal board got sick of us going off show topic.  I think the folks at poor infopop felt like they were under seige and poor Rosie and Ted had their hands full with some of the characters.  Many have fallen by the wayside over the years but those of us that remain on our very own private groupee board have become a very close knit group and one I might add Rosie that requires very little moderation anymore (there are still a few unique "personalities" so to speak).
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