Warning. I can't make comments

Just wanted to let you all know I can't respond to any comments at the moment.  I keep getting error messages.  I've let Ted know so hopefully I can be back up to full funcitionality again.

Rosie....that's funny looking up Cass on IMDB.  (she's on there, just not for that movie!!  LOL)

She has just auditioned for a new Smurf movie though, and is trying out for some voiceover stuff next week.

Al just finished shooting again today.  He will be in the opening theme sequence to a new series here (playing the lead as a teen). 

I'll message you his episdoe of Disney's Aaron Stone you should check it out.  He's only on a few times but YAY anyway.

I need to go check all my blog posts now to see which ones are private/friends only vs. the world.  Don't need my unedited life out there for the world to see huh?
Hi Everyone.  Stay at home mom to 4 very creative kids.  I love to renovate, bake, and make the most out of life.  You can follow my adventures here.  I have a recipe blog at  www.feedingtheravenoushorde.blogspot.com  and life as a stage mom as well as life in general at www.creativekidscakeslife.blogspot.com
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